Stirrer Hotplate (150x150mm) with Aluminium Top



All hotplates come with the spill prevention, over heated protection and Hot status warning feature.

The stirring is actively controlled by digital sensor through a feedback mechanism for all of models regardless digital or analog. The stirrer speed remains unchanged irrespective of changes in either the liquid property and/or environmental temperature, preventing the disengagement of the stir bar during stirring.

All Laboratory Applications

Plate Material: Aluminium
Plate Dimension: 150mm Diameter
Heater Area: 120mm Diameter
Heated Power: 350W
Maximum Plate Temperature: 350 deg C
Stirrer Speed: 150-1500rpm
Stirring Capacity: 20 Litre Max
Dimensions: 190x260x125 (WxLxD)
Net Weight: 2Kg
Power Supply: 230V,50Hx or 110V,60Hz

Supplied with 2 Year RTb Warranty

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